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Friday, June 27, 2014

Wide Awake by Shelly Crane

This review is spoiler free!!

DNF @ 29%

So boring. Emma wakes from a 6-month coma with amnesia. She doesn't seem at all curious about her life and instead spends her time pining away for her hot physical therapist, Mason.

The main problem I had with this book were the plot holes. Emma would reference something that had never actually been mentioned or she'd figure something out with absolutely no clues, simply because it was convenient. For example, Mason starts to ignore her, but shes not concerned, because she's magically figured out the reason why (but fails to share that information with the reader!). She assumes he's dating her counselor, which he doesn't deny, but then she magically figures out that's not true out of nowhere. 

I stopped right before she leaves the hospital, so I imagine later in the book she finds out more about her life pre-coma. But it just bugged me that she seemed so indifferent about it while in the hospital. Admittedly, it seems like pre-coma Emma was a bitch, but you'd still think she'd be a bit curious. For example, her mom brings her cell phone and some personal belongings to the hospital for her and all we get out of it is that she still likes lipgloss. Okay...there's nothing else interesting?? No texts on the phone? My phone contains my entire life - if I couldn't remember said life anymore, I'd be checking out that phone!

This book isn't awful, but it's just too boring to continue. 

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