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Monday, June 2, 2014

The King by J.R. Ward

This post contains lots of spoilers!!

So this book is mostly about Wrath and Beth having a baby. Beth really wants one; Wrath doesn't. But drama happens and they end up with a son (named Wrath, or LW) and they're both super happy. Yay! 

The glymera, at Xcor's urging, attempt to dethrone Wrath because any child he has with Beth wouldn't be 100% vampire. They're able to work their way around it by dissolving their mating and going through with a human wedding instead. Through all the drama in the book, Wrath finally comes to terms with being king. He appoints Abalone, an honorable member of the Council who's father helped his own father, to be his chief cleric. Abalone gets him in touch with commoners to help instead of messing with the glymera. At the end of the book, Wrath dissolved the monarchy and the Council (take that glymera bastards!) and makes it a democracy instead. And then tears up the dissolution of his and Beth's mating. But of course he's unanimously elected to a life term as king. Yay!

But of course, so much other stuff happens that's unfinished in this book. So many storylines in this series to keep track of!!

Xcor and Layla: Xcor makes a legal attempt to dethrone Wrath. Layla is upset. She meets with him and tells him that he can have her as long as he stops going after Wrath. He agrees. His right-hand man Throe is not so pleased. There are very few bits with the two of them in this book so things progress very slowly. I like Xcor more and more. I mean, I don't like that he's trying to mess with Wrath, but he seems like he's going to keep getting more interesting.

Trez (and iAm) and Selena: Trez is into Selena, but he doesn't think he's worthy. Apparently she's into him as well. But she has some sort of disease - not sure what, but she's going to die and soon. Of course she doesn't tell Trez this but she decides she'd like to lose her virginity before she dies. They have sex, but Trez stops once he realizes she's a virgin. He then tells her that he's have sex with thousands of human women and that he's a pimp (as part of his gig running the nightclub). Her response is silence. 

I love iAm! We got to see a bit from his perspective in this book, but I want more!! He did reveal to Beth that he's a virgin because he's been too busy keeping his brother safe to have time for females. By the end of the book they may have found a solution so that Trez doesn't have to return to the s'Hibe. Apparently the queen is pregnant - if she has a daughter, that daughter might be the heir instead of the one that Trez is promised to in which case he will no longer be needed. They made a deal with the Queen's executioner s'Ex (yes, that's his fucking name. sigh) - he leaves them alone for a bit and they give him their apartment and women to have sex with.

Assail and Sola: I almost liked Assail after this book. But he's still an effing drug dealer who's supplying the lessers with drugs so they can make money which they'll use to go after vampires. Not cool dude. In the beginning of the book, Sola has been kidnapped by Benloise, Caldwell's drug king. She is barely able to escape, but does right as Assail shows up to save her. He takes her home with him, where he's also brought her grandmother to keep her safe. Sola really likes Assail and he really likes her, but Sola is determined to get out of the life after what just happened to her. And Assail plans on becoming the new Caldwell drug king since he killed Benloise. So Sola and her grandmother (who is freaking adorable and totally Team Assail) leave to her safe house in Florida. Oh, and she still has no idea that he's a freaking vampire.

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