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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ashen Winter by Mike Mullin

This review is spoiler free!!

I love Darla and I love their relationship. She's smart and strong but she has some vulnerabilities as well. Their relationship just gets stronger and more real. They aren't together because it's the end of the world and there aren't many other options out there. 

As much as I love them together and as painful as it was for them to be apart, it was nice to see Alex surviving the world on his own. He's grown so much since the beginning of the series and it's good to see that he can survive on his own. 

I also love the research and thought the author put into this world. I can still get into a book when an author fails to do this, but I still really appreciate it when they do. He didn't just do his research on the effects of a super-volcano, but on other stuff as well. The conditions in the refugee camps that FEMA sets up are horrible - they're basically there to keep the people in the Midwest from trying to get to the (somewhat) better conditions in the East. I'm an optimist when it comes to government - I believe that the government does have the power to solve some problems. But it's believable that the government wouldn't be able to fix this and I think FEMA has demonstrated in the past that they're not the best at emergency management. So it makes sense that the FEMA camps are awful. And even more that they would be run by a private organization. Just one more argument against privatization.

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