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Friday, July 11, 2014

Torn Away by Jennifer Brown

This review is spoiler free!!

This book really resonated with me. I live in Missouri and have heard my share of tornado sirens. We usually just ignore them because it's usually not that serious. A tree fell on my house during a storm once but it was a small tree so not that big of a deal. But a twist of fate and this could happen to anyone in the Midwest. So sad to think that your life could change so drastically so quickly.

This book is about loss and how to try to move on when you've lost so much. It's about what makes someone family. Jersey's mom and sister both die in a massive tornado that also destroys her home. Jersey's unharmed, but now has to find a home while also trying to cope with such a huge loss. Jersey is a likable character who is easy to identify with. She's dealing with a lot and I think she handles it in a believable way.

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