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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Love by Numbers by Sara Donovan

This review is spoiler free!!

The beginning of this book is very boring and made me remember how happy I am that I do not, nor will I ever, work in an office. So much of the first book takes place at April's work and it is so boring. She's in HR, her crush is in sales. Ugh. Most people probably won't find this nearly as off-putting as I did, but I just really hate business and I generally find business people and their business-speak incredibly annoying.

April has had this huge crush on coworker Ryan for years. Ryan was my first problem in this book. He was just kind of a douche. Seriously, the first thing she ever hears him say is: "Hopefully the cheergirls will be on soon." Oh yes, because guys who objectify women are so attractive. And I could have gotten over that comment if he had gotten better or more interesting, but no, not really.

April invites Ryan out to drinks one night and he ends up hooking up with her roommate Holly. She's crushed. Even though when Holly asks if April likes Ryan, she lies and says no. Seriously? 

That's when April decides, with the help of her college psychology course, that she's addicted to love. And the treatment is to gain control over her feelings of love by making herself fall in love with her best friend Nathan. Because risking a 10 or so year friendship is an awesome idea. 

My second problem in this book is April herself. I just cannot identify with her. I love my husband, but I've never really cared about love as a concept - definitely not enough that I would tell myself I was in love with a man I had a 5 minute conversation with years ago. She is desperate to be in a relationship. When things don't work with Ryan, she immediately has to force a relationship with Nathan. And if that doesn't work out, then maybe she'll try to date her neighbor. Ugh! How about you just go out, have a one-night stand, and then enjoy being with yourself?? 

My third problem with the book is the ending. I won't go into it more than that because spoilers, but I was not satisfied with the way it ended. 

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