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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stolen Nights by Rebecca Maizel

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This post contains lots of spoilers!!

Lenah is a vampire turned human who now attends a private boarding school. When she was a vampire she was ruthless and powerful. Rhode, her soulmate, gave his life so that she could become human again. She gave her life so her friend Vicken could become human again. But somehow both Lenah and Rhode survive. Apparently all vampires want to be human because vampires are crazy and can’t feel anything through touch which is frustrating for them.

Odette, a  vampire that Lenah made a hundred years ago comes to town to try to get the ritual they used to become human again. The Aeris, some sort of powerful beings, also come to town to punish Rhode and Lenah for using the ritual. They give her two choices – go back to her original time and never meet Rhode, or stay human in this time but never give herself to Rhode. If she goes back, all the people she killed as a vampire would be alive and this vampire that’s now threatening the town and has already killed one of her friends would no longer be a vampire. But, since she’s apparently the most selfish person in the world, she chooses to stay human.

Her boyfriend Justin (who’s just a normal human) gets pissed off because he thinks she’s with Rhode now. She convinces him that she’s not and essentially uses him throughout the majority of the book to get over Rhode but she can’t because they’re soulmates. Odette continues to kill people that are important to Lenah to try to get her to give her the ritual. No one seems to be all that sad about the deaths, mostly just scared that they’ll be next.

At the end, she finally stops being a selfish bitch and decides to go back in time even though she won’t get to see Rhode at all. Of course, she decides not to tell Vicken until the last second, even though he’s affected by this as well because he won’t be made a vampire if she’s never a vampire. He’s sad but apparently she doesn’t give a shit. Part of her deal is that Rhode gets to stay human in the present day and I guess he’s okay with her making such a big decision for her. But first she has to kill Odette. Not sure why since Odette won’t be a threat anymore once she goes back in time, but okay. Then it turns out that Odette’s been controlling Justin somehow and that Justin has been using Lenah for Odette, but why? Who knows? Odette has turned him into a vampire. Battle ensues. Odette is defeated. Lenah goes back in time and is happy even though she misses the modern world. Rhode is still in the modern world at the boarding school but still apparently remembers Lenah without remembering exactly who she is.

Not sure if there will be another book. This one was much worse than the first one, which I thought was brilliant. So if there is another one, hopefully it will be better than this one with its horrible character development  and massive plot holes.