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Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Shadows by J.R. Ward

This post contains lots and lots of spoilers!!

Omg, this one is heartbreaking! It mostly focuses on Trez and Selena. Trez finally finds out about Selena's disease and even though he knows she's dying, he still wants to be with her for whatever time they have. Which ends up being like a week. I seriously thought they'd figure out a way to save her, but nope. :(  At the end Trez wants to die but at the entrance to the Fade, Selena tells him he has to stay to take care of his brother.

The secondary storyline involves iAm finally finding his HEA. He sneaks into the Shadows compound to look through the library for a cure for Selena. He ends up meeting and falling for Princess Catra (the same one that Trez is promised to!) disguised as a maid. With s'Ex's help, she finds out her mother has faked astrological charts. The queen faked the one that determined that her newborn daughter (with s'Ex) wasn't the heir (which means she was killed). And she faked Trex and iAm's charts - iAm is actually the Anointed One who's supposed to make babies with the princess - not Trez! What a wonderful coincidence since her and iAm have already fallen in love. s'Ex kills the queen as revenge for her causing his daughter to die; Catra becomes Queen and promotes s'Ex.

But this is a Black Dagger Brotherhood book so there's like a thousand other storylines to keep track of! First, something's up with Rhage. Mary thinks it's panic attacks because what's happening to Trez and Selena is too similar to what could have happened to him and Mary. But I think it's more that that. And the next book is about him, so...

There's little Assail and no Sola at all in this book. Wrath finds out that Assail's supplying the Lessers with drugs and that they're using those profits to buy weapons. Wrath confronts him and tells him he needs to stop. Assail agrees, but way too easily. He beheads the Forelesser, presents his head to Wrath, and tells him where the Lessers can be found. But he's definitely planning something else.

Xcor and Layla are still meeting up in secret. Xcor's bonded with her but doesn't think he's worthy. Layla's starting to fall for him too. Even more when she realizes that he has no intention of bringing down Wrath anymore. He feeds from her but then freaks out at his reaction and is afraid he'll hurt her and her unborn youngs (twins!!). He makes her leave.

Throe leaves the Band of Bastards because they no longer intend to overthrow Wrath. Now that he's democratically elected, Xcor doesn't want to overthrow him. Throe tries to convince the rest of the Bastards to leave with him, but they stay true to Xcor. Throe goes to Ablaone (Wrath's assistant) and asks to stay there and says he has info about the BoB. He tells Wrath that he's parted with the Bastards because he doesn't want to go after the King (liar!!). As Wrath and the Brothers become suspicious, he leaves Abalone's and asks to stay with an upper class female who's whored for the Bastards before.

The Brothers are also restarting training. And opening it up to everyone - even the poor and females!! Abalone's daughter Paradise wants to try out. Abalone doesn't want her to, but eventually he gives her permission. Her best guy friend Peyton is also trying out but is against her going because the females of the species are precious. Ugh.

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