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Monday, August 4, 2014

Can't Look Away by Donna Cooner


This review is spoiler free!!

I think I might have enjoyed this book if I didn't hate the main character so much. She is just completely worthless. She's the star of a fashion/beauty vlog. Which means she has to comment on what everyone else is wearing. For example, when her dad takes her to a psychologist: 
She has on ugly black comfortable shows. I instantly think of tweeting a picture of the skirt and the shoes as an example of a fashion DON'T.
Because everyone else must care as much about fashion as she does, right? Or maybe the psychologist has slightly more important shit on her mind?

And she's obsessed with popularity. As everyone should be, amiright? 

It's clear Huntsville High School is like any other high school. There are three main groups. The popular group, the semipopular group, and the want-to-be popular group. Some people might claim there is a fourth group of Goths and all the self-styled freaks who don't care about high school high society, but I lump them in with the want-to-bes. I mean, black lipstick and all that eyeliner? It's about attention, and that's really what being popular is anyway, right?
Uh, as one of the "self-styled freaks" in high school, I can definitely attest to the fact that there are some people in high school who simply do not give a fuck about being popular! I had a few more important things on my mind, like getting into a good college with a fucking scholarship.

She's so obsessed with popularity that she totally disses the cute, very nice boy who she's interested in, because he's not popular! Gasp! Seriously, why would this guy even like her? She's totally shallow and uninteresting.

I think this book is supposed to be about the main character dealing with the deal of her sister, but she spends more time thinking about how her sister's death is affecting her vlog and her popularity at her new school than actually mourning the death of her sister.

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