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Thursday, July 4, 2013

MacRieve by Kresley Cole

This post contains lots of spoilers!!

I'm not going to go into all the steps leading up to Will and Chloe's HEA because, as usual, that story is pretty well contained. I'll just highlight the bits that will probably be important in future books.
We meet so many new awesome characters (Ronan, Nieve) and are reintroduced to others (Cassandra, Munro) who I would love to see have their own book. Seriously,  she could continue this series forever with all the awesome characters she's created.

Nix mentions something about the Bringers of Doom as the next big bad. Eek!

Commander Webb (aka Chloe's dad) didn't die when Lothaire fed of him in his book. Webb took some blend of immortal blood and he's now turned into a super-mutt of immortal beings. And he's now decided that he was wrong to try to wipe out Loreans. Instead he now wants to wipe out humans.

The book ends with Munro being captured by Those Best Forgotten,  a group of warlocks who are trying to create an army of turned Lykae. Munro is resisting,  until they bring her a woman he realizes is his mate. They've kidnapped her from her wedding day and potentially another time period. They've infected her with some kind of poison and she'll die unless he tries to turn her. She pleads with him not to because her people hate Lykae but he does anyway.

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