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Friday, March 22, 2013

Middle Ground by Katie Kacvinsky

This post contains lots of spoilers!!

Maddie pulls some dumb prank that lands her in a detention center. She ends up befriending one of the workers there - a young guy named Gabe. Gabe helps her sneak out every week to see her Justin and company. Her friends want her to escape, but she wants to stay to try to take down the DCs. Molly runs bunches of tests on her and eventually they figure out that the DC is drugging her and forcing new terrifying memories on her. They are essentially brainwashing her to think that interacting with people face-to-face has disastrous consequences. 

Molly is able to come up with a counter-drug that they pump into the DC through the ventilation. But the doctors at the DC have a new drug they can use. They use it on Maddie once and then threaten to prolong her sentence another 6 months. That's when her friends decide to break her out of the DC.

She wants to go back in and rescue everyone else from the DC. They do; some danger happens, but they're successful. Afterwards, her dad calls her and offers to compromise on Digital School (perhaps not forcing all students to do it, maybe let some do a face-to-face school), but she would have to leave Justin or he won't agree. Cue cliffhanger.

This book was not nearly as good as Awaken. There's some sweet moments between Justin and Maddie and I do really like how strong and independent Maddie has become...but the plot was just so boring and forgetful. Hopefully the next book is better.

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